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    Famous Buon Ma Thuot Robusta coffee beans considered as the world’s best with delicious strong taste

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    Fragrant original coffee flavor from the homeland of coffee Ethiopia

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    Irresistible taste and aroma of Arabica coffee beans from the land of Jamaica

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    The world’s famous brand of first-rate coffee exports

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    The diversity of terrain and climate from South to North has given Colombian coffee beans a variety of distinct flavors

All are combined and refined to achieve the most special ingredients.


                    Having received technology transfers from the world’s leading corporations, Trung Nguyen factory system is well-equipped with the world’s latest technology, which is both environmentally friendly and compliant with HACCP standards, capable of creating the cleanest and most flavorful coffee products that meet the rigorous standards of the FDA for exporting into the U.S, Japan and Europe. With unique technology exclusively designed by the world’s top companies from Italy and Germany such as FEA, NEUHAU NEOTEC, Trung Nguyen guarantees to retain the finest coffee flavors in all of its products that no other brand on the world can have.


Inimitable secret formula

Trung Nguyen follows Oriental secret recipes using a special blend of rare herbal ingredients, special energy resources from precious gems as well as special additives in the roasting and grinding process to create the finest gourmet coffee.


Damme Content Bg passion

Everything is the result of a never-ending process of exploration, innovation and meticulousness in all stages of coffee experts. The people of Trung Nguyen, who possess a sincere love and passion for coffee, live and die with coffee, strive all day and night to create safe and excellent quality coffee that can stimulate the brain mechanisms for optimal brain activity.



Trung Nguyen is a meeting place of big aspirations. With their nonstop creative energy, Trung Nguyen’s people persistently provide not only great coffee products but also solutions for success.

the no.1 coffee

The ultimate combination of the five elements “Special ingredients” + “Modern technology” + “Inimitable secret formula” + “Love & Passion” + “People” has resulted in perfect cups of Trung Nguyen coffee – a world masterpiece capable of maximizing brain activity and releasing the creative energy within each person

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All stages in the coffee production process are tested to meet the stringent standards of the FDA and to receive the FSSC 22000 certification that enables distribution to over 60 countries around the world

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New generation of coffee products specializing in providing creativity for success.
Creative energy for the brain